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Ōtorohanga District waste audit

We are carrying out a yellow bag waste audit to identify what we as a District are sending to landfill.

Ōtorohanga District waste audit

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Ōtorohanga District Council will be carrying out a yellow bag waste audit on 14 September 2020 in the Kāwhia township and 16 September 2020 in the Ōtorohanga township.

The reason we do this audit is to identify what we as a district are sending to landfill. We can then use this information to implement specific strategies to help reduce our landfill waste as part of our waste management and minimisation plan.

10% of rubbish bags in each township will be audited. These bags are picked at random by our council staff and we will not keep record of the specific addresses they have been retrieved from.

Council staff will be identifiable by their high-vis clothing and council marked vehicles. Staff will carry workplace ID on them and can provide this if asked.

If you have any questions regarding this audit, please call Ōtorohanga District Council on 07 873 4000

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