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Electoral Signs
Ngā Tohu Pōtitanga / Pānuitanga

In this section you'll find guidance on electoral signs during a general election year, including lettering size, spacing, reflective materials, colour and layout, moving parts, separation and location guidelines. It also includes information that needs to be provided to Waka Kotahi.

Roading and land use planning guidance on electoral signs (General Election)

General election signs are classified as 'temporary signs' under the District Plan. These requirements only apply during the 9 weeks before Election Day.

Signs up to 3m2

Signs up to 3m2 in size may be erected as of right when the following standards are complied with:

  1. Lettering size:
    • Speed limit less than 70 km/hr: At least 120 mm
    • Speed limit 70 km/hr or more: At least 160 mm
  2. Spacing:
    • Spacing between lines of text: At least 50 mm
  3. Reflective materials:
    • Signs must not be made of materials likely to reflect headlights from an approaching vehicle.
    • Signs are not internally or externally illuminated.
  4. Colour/layout:
    • Must not be similar or the same as any traffic sign in shape and colour, and unlikely to be mistaken for a traffic sign or signal. Signs are sign written to a professional standard.
  5. Moving Parts
    • No moving parts, flashing or revolving mechanisms to attract attention permitted. 
  6. Separation:
    Signs are separated from other signs in accordance with the following:
    • Speed limit less than 70 km/hr: No restriction
    • Speed limit 70 km/hr or more: At least 80 metres
    • Signs are not to be located on known archaeological sites.

Signs exceeding 3m2

Electoral signs exceeding 3m2 in size are subject to District Plan rules (Section 20) and resource consent may be required.

If you wish to erect a sign on, or visible from, an Ōtorohanga District Road reserve or State Highway within Ōtorohanga urban boundaries, you will need to supply Ōtorohanga District Council with the following information:

  1. A description of the proposed activity being advertised.
  2. A site diagram showing the sign’s location in relation to the road, property boundaries and property access.
  3. The property address, legal description of the property where the sign is to be placed and landowners written consent prior to the erection of signs.
  4. A diagram of the proposed sign showing the colours, dimensions and lettering height, and the height and width of the sign when mounted.
  5. A description of how the sign will be mounted (sandwich board, on a fence, on posts etc).

This information can be sent to the Ōtorohanga District Council Roading Team at [email protected].

Any sign that is erected that does not comply with the standards above will be required to be removed.

Signs on State Highway 3 during a General Election

Please refer to Waka Kotahi (NZTA)’s requirements for general election signage on or near state highways on their wesbite.

View Waka Kotahi (NZTA) website.

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