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Land Information Memorandum
Manatu Mōhiohio Whenua

A LIM or Land Information Memorandum is a report issued by Council which provides a summary of all the information that we have on file about that property, in particular, all works on the property that Council has had involvement in. Here's what you need to know about requesting a LIM.

What is a LIM report?

A LIM (Land Information Memorandum) is a report done by Council, collating all information on a specific property that we have stored on our databases.

Normally a LIM is requested when you are buying a property, as it may answer some important questions about the property and any associated buildings.

A LIM allows you to discuss concerns you may have regarding Council requirements, matters or issues, and to seek legal advice. Banks and insurance companies may require a LIM to protect their investment. Please be aware that only a current LIM is valid for the purpose of a Sale and Purchase Agreement.

What is the process for requesting a LIM report? 

Before you complete a LIM request, you'll need to have: 

    • street address of the property
    • legal description (the Lot and DP/S number)
    • name of the current owner
    • Certificate of Title, the title image view and the supplementary record sheet.

You can request a Record of Title (Certificate of Title) from Land Information NZ. You can also get a copy from your lawyer or real estate agent.

If you are applying for building consent, the application form has a section that asks us to request a copy of the Record of Title from LINZ on your behalf. Make sure you enter the accurate legal description on their application form to make sure the correct Record of Title is requested.

LIM Application Form

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