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Land Use Consents
Ngā Whakaaetanga Whakamahi Whenua

If you are planning a development, building project or other use for land, it must be assessed against the Ōtorohanga District Plan and you may require a resource consent to undertake your proposed activity.

Resource Consents

The Council's planning function ensures that all developments, building projects and other uses of land in the District comply with:

  • the expectations residents have of the District
  • statutory requirements which regulate the effect of activities on the environment

To achieve this, any proposed development, building project or other land use will be assessed against the Ōtorohanga District Plan, and Resource Consents may be required for particular activities to be undertaken.

Resource Consents can be broken down into two main categories:

  • Subdivision Consents; and
  • Land Use Consents

If the activities associated with the proposal are not 'Permitted Activities' in the District Plan or otherwise do not meet the standards and rules within that Plan, you will need to apply for a Resource Consent.

How do I know if I need a Resource Consent?

Knowing whether you will require a Resource Consent is not always straightforward. Many proposals involve a number of different activities, which may or may not comply with the requirements of the District Plan.

It is recommended that you seek advice from Council's District Planner regarding the Resource Consent requirements for your proposal before making an application. If your proposal is relatively simple the District Planner will be able to give you useful advice regarding the activities associated with your proposal and how they relate to the District Plan.

If, however, you proposed project or activity is large and/or complex Council's District Planner may advise you to employ a planning consultant to properly conduct the more extensive process required to assess it in relation to the requirements of the District Plan.

Applying for a Resource Consent

Application for and processing of Resource Consents are subject to the requirements of the Resource Management Act and can be complex.

For some relatively simple activities it may be realistic for a property owner or developer to make their own application for a consent, but in many cases it may be preferable for the owner or developer to employ a suitably skilled and experienced specialist planning consultant, who fully understands the Resource Consent process and its associated requirements, to manage the application for them.

Delays and other problems with the processing of Resource Consents are often associated with the application documents either not adequately describing all of the activities associated with a project or providing this information in the wrong form. Employing a suitable consultant to manage your application, whilst an additional cost, often represents a very good investment.

Council's District Planner is happy to provide advice on when it may be in your best interests to engage a consultant, and we encourage property owners and developers to obtain such advice at the start of their project.

Resource consent application, particularly for subdivisions, can involve many parties and their consultants. Applicants should set a realistic timeframe for the completion of their project and seek advice on process timelines from their planning consultants and Council staff prior to commencing the application.

View Resource Consent application forms

Talk to Us

All applications and/or resource consent queries can be sent to [email protected]   

Please note that when contacting the District Planner about a specific property, please ensure that you have the legal description of the property or at least the correct physical address. Without these details of your property, it is often difficult to answer questions, as different areas within the District may be subject to different planning rules.

Other Consent Requirements

Some activities, such as those within, near to or otherwise affecting a stream, river, lake or coastal area, or activities which may impact on air or soil quality, may require a Resource Consent from the Waikato Regional Council instead of, or in addition to, a consent from Ōtorohanga District Council.

For further information on such requirements either contact Waikato Regional Council directly on 0800 400 401 or speak with Council's District Planner.

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