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My Property
Tōku Papanoho

Here you'll find public information that we have digitally for a property. You will get the rates information, property information, building consents and resource consents.

Help using our "My Property" search

Our my property search starts searching once you have stopped typing and typed at least 3 characters. It will come back with the closest matches. This search is limited to 50 results so just keep typing if your property is not showing to refine your search more.

For the best results start with the number of your property and then the street name e.g. 10 smith.

There are four different ways to search for your property:

  • Address
  • Valuation Number
  • Legal Description
  • Certificate of Title

Once you find the property that you are looking for you can select it and the page will load with all the publicly available digital information that we have on that property. Please allow some time for the page to load as it's bringing back a lot of information. You will be able to see the following:

  • Rates Information (rates, proposed rates, valuations, history etc.)
  • Property Information (area, legal description, land parcels etc.)
  • Building Consents (progress, inspections, history etc.)
  • Resource Consents (progress, history etc.)
  • Swimming Pools
  • Water Rates Information
  • and more as we add it

Please note that this does not include property plans.

If you have any issues with this search or questions about the information then please contact council.

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