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Trade Waste
Para Tauhokohoko

Here you'll find all the details on the types of materials that can be discharged into the public sewerage system in Ōtorohanga, and the associated charges, under the Trade Waste Bylaw.

What is 'Trade Waste'?

Trade waste is liquid that may be discharged from a trade premises in the course of business. It can contain oil, fat, grease, solvents, organic chemicals, emulsions of paint, adhesive or rubber which can cause blockages, overflows and introduce hazardous substances that can be a health risk to the public and environment.

Trade Waste Consent

If a business wishes to discharge trade waste into the Ōtorohanga wastewater system, a Trade Waste Consent must be obtained. The consent may be Controlled or Conditional with set conditions, depending on the amount of discharge involved and treatment required.

Businesses that need a Trade Waste Consent include those that:

  • have commercial cooking facilities on-site e.g. café or restaurant
  • provide medical services e.g. doctors surgeries, dentists
  • operate an industrial or commercial activity e.g. engineering firm, camp-ground, dry-cleaners, manufacturing facilities
  • perform other activities requiring trade waste consent under the Otorohanga District Council Trade Waste Bylaw 2000

Apply for a Trade Waste Consent

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