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Development and Financial Contributions
Whanaketanga me Ngā Takoha Pūtea

Developers of significant new developments and significant expansions of existing developments are required to contribute to the cost of upgrading of Council infrastructure. Here are the details.

New developments

Significant new developments (or substantial expansions of existing developments) may create additional pressure on Council services. For example, a new development is likely to increase the traffic on a particular road, potentially contributing to a need to improve that road, so that this larger volume of traffic can be safely accommodated. Similarly, a new development may contribute to an increased demand for water services which may require that these services are upgraded.

In response to these issues, Council has introduced a system of Development and Financial Contributions. This system requires developers to contribute a share of the cost associated with potential necessary upgrading of Council infrastructure.

Development contributions do not apply to every development in the District, but are instead only put in place where a development at a particular location is likely to contribute to a need (in the relatively near future) for improvements to a particular aspect of Council's infrastructure.

Development Contributions

Development Contributions Fees and Charges approved for 1 July 2023 to 30 June 2024.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST (except as noted *).

Area of BenefitFee (incl GST)
Roading Projects
Safety improvements: Hanning, Te Tahi and Mangati Roads. (per HEU) - calculated based on distance up road from State Highway 39, with a minimum charge of$14,039.00
Ōtorohanga Community Water Reservoir (per HEU) - refer to map Five in the Development Contributions Policy$987.00
Ōtorohanga Community pre treatment (per HEU) - refer to map Five in the Development Contributions Policy$1,446.00
Thompson/Harper Avenue water ring main completion (per HEU) - refer to map Two in the Development Contributions Policy$473.00
Stormwater capacity upgrade (per HEU) - refer to map One in the Development Contributions Policy$1,009.00
Reserve Contributions
Reserve Contributions (per additional lot on subdivision) under section 108 of the Resource Management Act 1991$1,012.00
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