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Temporary Road Closures
Ngā Katinga Rori Wā Poto

If a road or part of a road needs to be closed for an event, or if works need to be carried out on or under the road, you may need to apply for a temporary road closure. Use this online form to apply for one.

What is a temporary road closure?

A temporary road closure is approval from Council for a road to be closed to traffic and/or pedestrians. Consent for a temporary road closure must be obtained:

  • If a road or part of a road needs to be closed for an event; or
  • If works need to be carried out on or under the road.

It ensures that you can complete your work or hold your event to the standards prescribed by the Local Government Act 1974 and 2002 and/or Transport Regulations 1965.

If you are planning an event that requires some or all of a local road to be closed temporarily then you need to apply for a temporary road closure. If the information you submit is incomplete, or does not provide the level of detail required, there will be delays in processing your application.

Advertising road closures

It is a legislative requirement that full road closures for any Event is notified publicly in the local newspapers. The cost of any road closure advertisement is payable by the applicant/organisation and will be charged at cost to the applicant. A quotation for advertising can be provided if requested. Council requires at least ninety (90) days notice prior to the event date to meet the advertising deadlines.

State Highway/Waka Kotahi NZTA projects and road closures 

We have multiple state highways throughout our district that fall under the jurisdiction/management of Waka Kotahi - NZTA.  You can find out more about planned works, projects and updates on the state highways through the Waka Kotahi website.

How to apply 

Please attach all additional notes/maps/traffic management plans etc.


  • Traffic Management Plan
  • Public Liability Insurance for $10,000,000
  • Letterbox Drop (Letter to be approved by Council)
  • Copy of consultation with Affected residents

Please make sure you have read the temporary road closure procedures before starting this application form to make sure you have everything that you need.

Follow this link if the form fails to load. online form.
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