Āmio - our newsletter

Welcome to Āmio, Ōtorohanga District Council’s community newsletter!

We’re so excited to have our monthly newsletter to strengthen our connections with the community and keep everyone informed about all things council. We’ve important information to share, and look forward to sharing our stories with you.

Why the name Āmio? Well, Āmio (pronounced ar-me-oar) means to ‘circle around’. So, in the context of this newsletter, it means that we will cover or encircle the Ōtorohanga District, connecting and sharing council information within our district and with our people.

Thanks to Lloyd and Hinga Whiu for their guidance on the choice of the perfect name.

You can find copies of our newsletter below -

Āmio - May 2023 [PDF 3.3 MB]

Āmio - April 2023 [PDF 3.38 MB]

Āmio - March 2023 [PDF 4 MB]

Āmio - February 2023 [PDF 1.92 MB]

Āmio - January 2023 [PDF 1.52 MB]

Āmio - December 2022 [PDF 1.57 MB]

Āmio - November 2022 [PDF 3.81 MB]

Āmio - October 2022 [PDF 1.92 MB]

Āmio - September 2022 [PDF 3.14 MB]

Āmio - August 2022 [PDF 4.2 MB]

Āmio - July 2022 [PDF 4.02 MB]

Āmio - June 2022 [PDF 7.18 MB]

Āmio - May  2022 [PDF 3.92 MB]