Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund

ROUND TWO opened on 1 March 2023 and NOW CLOSES ON 7 APRIL 2023!!!

The round two deliberation meeting to assess and allocate funding is being held in the Council Chambers, 17 Maniapoto Street, on 18 May 2023.  All applicants will be informed of the out come in the following week.

The Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund is fund is designed to help subsidise rural travel for junior teams aged between 5-19 years. It helps school and club sports teams participate in local sporting competitions. There is $9,425 available for round two.

The Ōtorohanga District Council invites rural sports clubs and rural school teams to apply for financial assistance through the Rural Travel Fund.

Applications for funding from the Rural Travel Fund can be made by rural sport club teams and rural school club teams within the Ōtorohanga District, with members aged between 5 and 19 years, who require financial assistance with transport costs so that they can participate in local sports competitions.

A rural school club team will be eligible for funding if it participates in a regular local sports competition out of school time, excluding inter-school and intra-school competitions run during school time.

PLEASE NOTE: Funding will not be provided for, and may not be used for, the purpose of travel to regional or national sports competition.

Application Forms and further details outlining the fund are below.


Enquiries should be emailed to [email protected]

Assessment Criteria

The following criteria will be applied when considering applications for funding:

School club teams and sport club teams are defined as:

  • a school club team participating in local sports competitions on weekends. This excludes inter-school and intra-school competitions played during school time.
  • a sports club team participating in organised sports competitions through club membership outside school time.

Talk to us

For information on Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund, please email [email protected] or visit Sport New Zealand.