Thinking about standing for local government?

Deciding to play a significant role in your local community by running for local government is a big decision. The videos that follow will give you an insight in to what you can expect in each of the various roles you might choose to put yourself forward for the next Election\. You’ll be hearing from real people - with real experience. 

At the beginning of each video, we let you know what you can expect to learn about by the end of the video. Please feel free to watch the videos all at once or one at a time.

You can also find more detailed information for candidates on the LGNZ website

We hope these videos help you decide if being an elected member is for you, and if so, what role would suit you best.  If you decide to run in the upcoming elections, we wish you the very best of luck.


Video 1. Standing for local government


Video 2. What do you need to be an elected member?


Video 3. How councils works


Video 4. Nomination requirements


Video 5. Your first days as an elected member