Waste Water

Waste water system

A piped waste water (sewerage) disposal system is provided in the Ōtorohanga Community.

Waste water is collected, piped to a treatment facility north of the town and is treated before being discharged to the Mangaorongo Stream.

The waste water system is provided for the discharge of waste water from toilets, baths, showers, sinks and other such sources.

It is not to be used for:

  • discharge of rainwater from roofs or other hard surfaces, or
  • the disposal of toxic or hazardous substances.

Liquids such as oils and paints and other chemicals must not be discharged to the waste water system, as they will interfere with the treatment process, potentially resulting in severe pollution.

Should a property wish to discharge material to the Ōtorohanga waste water system and their discharge material:

  • is significantly different to the 'domestic sewerage' produced by residential properties,
  • has a volume greater than 5 m3 per day,

They must obtain a Trade Waste Consent from Council.

Council does not provide a waste water disposal system to properties outside of Ōtorohanga.

All other properties in the District must have their own waste water systems that meet the requirements of the Waikato Regional Council.

Waste water connections

Charges apply when new waste water connections are established.  For details on the current fees and charges relating to waste water, please visit our page: Waster Water Connection - Fees and charges.


You will need to complete a services connection application form.  Please click here to download the form.

The Regional Infrastructure Technical Specification (RITS) is a document that sets out how to design and construct transportation, water supply, waste water, storm water and landscaping infrastructure in the participating councils’ areas. For Regional Infrastructure Technical Specifications click here.

Charges for waste water service

Properties that discharge normal 'domestic sewerage' to the Ōtorohanga waste water system pay a Uniform Annual Charge for this service.

Special charges vary from case to case and are applicable to discharges under trade waste consents.

Does Kāwhia need a waste water treatment system?

Council is doing an assessment to see if a community waste water scheme is needed in Kāwhia. Click on the link below to find out why we’re doing the assessment, what information we’ll be collecting and when decisions will be made. We’ll keep the Kāwhia community updated as the assessment progresses.