Ōtorohanga Stopbank Pathway

Ōtorohanga District Council have confirmed in their 2018-2028  Long Term Plan for a 3.5 km long gravel pathway for shared use on the top of the stopbanks along the outer edge of the main Ōtorohanga urban centre.  This pathway will be a significant asset for our community that will be accessible to everyone including the young, the elderly and the less able. We envisage the pathway to commence construction in January 2019.  


The primary purpose of the pathway is to provide a safe and accessible off road route for all members of our community by connecting main urban, residential and recreational areas with a 2.5 metre wide shared pathway.  This pathway will also offer a safe alternative route for children walking or cycling to school with the pathway connecting Ōtorohanga Primary School, Ōtorohanga South School and Ōtorohanga College, also including footpath connections to St Mary’s Catholic School.


We are expecting the pathway to also be used for and encourage recreational opportunities for families living in our District while show casing our natural environment, cultural art and local history (both Maori and European).  Along with this we believe the pathway will add value to our visitor offering by providing another reason to stop and spend time in Ōtorohanga’s main town centre.


At the Ōtorohanga Community Board meeting held on 4 October a report [PDF 366 KB]was presented and it was resolved that:

1)    The Board approves for Council to resolve that the flood protection areas on the town side of the river from Phillips Avenue to Waipa Esplanade, including the closed landfill to be retired from grazing, with and Council moving to grass harvest management arrangements.

2)    That Council gives consideration to potential mitigation of the adverse effects of this change of management regime on affected parties, in particular the Ōtorohanga Sports Club.

3)    That approval is given to Council staff to terminate the grazing Licences by giving 3 months’ notice and working closely with the current grazing Licencees to transition them from use as considerately as possible.

4)    That the Engineering Department proceeds with a process to tender the stopbank pathway construction works based upon the final agreed design and price.

Read the full discussion here   [PDF 8 KB]