Stock on Road


Permits are required for:

  • droving large numbers of farm stock along public roads.
  • farm stock regularly crossing public roads.

These permits are not intended to limit the movement of stock, but are required to ensure that this occurs in a manner that will not cause unnecessary nuisance or hazards to other road users.

Council may, in some cases, require an underpass to be installed as an alternative to frequent large-scale stock crossings. A limited subsidy may be provided to assist in the construction of underpasses.

To download forms relating to stock movement, please visit our page: Forms.

Stock Movement Bylaw

The Stock Movement Bylaw provides the rules around moving stock within the District to ensure the safety of ALL road users, and to reduce damage to roadways.

Farmers are reminded that under the Bylaw the following conditions must always be satisfied when moving stock:

  • Stock or stock movers must be visible to road users at a distance of at least 100 metres at all times;
  • Movements shall not exceed 600 head of cattle or 3000 head of sheep at any one time;
  • There must be a minimum of two persons controlling the stock for up to 100 head of cattle and one additional person per additional 100 head or part thereof above this number.
  • Stock must be under full control at all times;
  • Stock movement must not unreasonably impede traffic;
  • Signage or flashing lights must be in place before and after the mob.

In the following cases a Council permit and bond is required:

  • The mob exceeds 300 head of cattle or 1000 head of sheep; or
  • The distance to be driven exceeds 10 km in a day; or
  • The average daily traffic count on a road being used is more than 1000 vehicles per day (currently, the only local road in the district that has more than this is part of Wharepuhunga Rd)

For stock crossings and underpasses, the Stock Movement Bylaw also states:

  • That all stock crossings must be registered with Council and kept in a clean and tidy condition at all times; and
  • The circumstances under which stock underpasses are required.

A number of new underpasses have been built in the district recently, providing a greater measure of safety for all road users.