Road Closures


Our project to lower the section of Huiputea Drive that runs underneath the KiwiRail bridge is now able to resume. This project was delayed due to extra negotiations and permissions that needed to be sought, but much of the preparation for the lowering of the road is already complete. This project will lower the road underneath the KiwiRail bridge by approximately half a metre. This will reduce the risk of high vehicles striking the underside of the bridge, decreasing the possibility of damage to vehicles and the bridge. In doing this Council hopes that more heavy trucks will be able to divert off the State Highway through the main street of Ōtorohanga. There will be a series of night closures on Huiputea Drive while this work is carried out by our contractor, Inframax.

Details of the night closures below –

Date: Monday 1 March - Friday 5 March 2021

Time: Road closed from 8pm to 6am

Road users will be diverted through Maniapoto Street during the night closures, and will be allowed through the work area under strict traffic management during the day. Drivers are requested to use alternative routes to their destinations to minimise potential disruptions. Jim Barker Memorial Playground – the playground will be open for the duration of this project, however the carpark for the playground off Huiputea Drive will be closed. Playground users will be able to access the playground by walking around the end of the road closure. We ask that you consider all safety measures while doing this and follow the pedestrian signage that will be in place to guide you safely around the perimeter of the construction site. Please do not attempt to walk through the construction site, and keep children away from the carpark and road at all times. The safest option as a parking alternative is the road reserve carpark in front of the Countdown carpark. This will enable people to walk safely around the construction site by using the pedestrian access on Maniapoto Street/SH3.

Persons will be allowed through in the event of an emergency

It will be an offence under the above regulations for any person, otherwise than under authority of an authorised permit, to use the road for ordinary vehicular traffic during the period of closure.