Fences and Driveways

Shared Driveways

A shared driveway is jointly owned by the owners of the properties it gives access to.

Details of the way in which it is owned (i.e. owned in common or with right of way easements) are shown on the Record of Title.

Maintenance needs to be arranged between the joint owners, and responsibilities may be specified in the easement documents. The Council has no involvement in this.

Can a neighbour park on a shared driveway?

A shared driveway should normally remain unobstructed.

This is a matter for negotiation between neighbours in which the Council does not get involved. 

Details of the ownership of the driveway should be available from the Certificate of Title, or in the case of a cross-lease or unit title subdivision, from supporting documentation.

If the driveway is indeed jointly owned, and approaching the neighbour has no results, it may be necessary to obtain legal advice.

Width required for a shared driveway

Requirements for entrance strips for rear lots or shared driveways are contained in the District Plan.

The minimum width required for an entrance strip or shared driveway depends on the number of units that will have access from it.


Costs for shared fencing are the responsibilities of the landowners and portions of the costs should be agreed on between yourself and your neighbour before any work commences.

The Fencing Act provides more detailed information.

If your neighbour has built a fence on a road reserve which belongs to the Council, please contact us.