SH3 / Waikeria Road Intersection

Temporary traffic management measures will soon be implemented at the intersection of State Highway 3 and Waikeria Road.

Construction activity at Waikeria Prison has increased significantly and will continue to ramp up through to project completion in 2022. This activity has led to a higher volume of traffic on Waikeria Road and State Highway 3 than usual, particularly at peak hours.

To more safely manage the flow of traffic out of Waikeria Road, Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency has approved a temporary traffic management plan. Traffic management is necessary in order to meet designation conditions associated with the prison's redevelopment under the consenting process.

From Monday 19 April 2021, manned stop/go signage will be in place at the intersection on weekdays at peak times, which is the late afternoon/early evening, as contractors leave the prison. While priority will be given to State Highway traffic at these times, controls to allow vehicles to exit Waikeria Road safely will be implemented to reduce wait times for drivers. A temporary speed limit reduction to 30km/h will also be put in place for vehicles approaching the intersection. This plan will be reviewed on an on-going basis in response to fluctuations in traffic activity.

It is expected that traffic management measures will be in place while construction traffic volumes remain high.

For queries regarding the impact of these works, please contact CPB Contractors on 0800 4 WAIKERIA; or by email to[email protected].