Water quality testing - Waikato Regional Council

Waikato Regional Council (WRC) will be testing the water quality weekly during summer in the Waipa River and Waikato DHB will be reviewing the results to assess the suitability for recreational activities, such as swimming. This site will be monitored for 12 weeks over the summer period (the start of December to the end of February).


The site WRC have chosen to test is adjacent to the swimming hole which is accessed via the gate on the southern side of the Waipa River bridge on State Highway 3, pictured. There will also be a sign on the fence by the gate which will advise where to go to check the water quality before swimming.

IMG 3554


To see the latest water quality assessment and to find out if there is a health warning in place, please go to this website: www.lawa.org.nz/explore-data/swimming

Health risk advice is also available from Public Health, Waikato DHB: 07 838 2569

Conditions can change quickly between testing, so even if there is no health warning in place our advice is to avoid contact with the water for 48 hours after heavy rainfall, or if the water looks discoloured, smells unusual, or if there is scum on the surface.

For further information read the potentially-toxic-algae factsheet on the Land, Air, Water Aotearoa website.

If a health warning is in place or any of the conditions above are present:

- Avoid any activity which involves skin contact with the water.

- If you or your dog gets sick after contact with the water, see your doctor or vet.