Raahui lifted on Waikato and Waipaa rivers

14 May 2020


Kua hikina te rahui ki ngaa awa o Waikato me Waipaa – the rahui on Waikato and Waipaa rivers has been lifted


The rahui on the Waikato and Waipaa rivers has been lifted this morning under Alert Level 2 by Kiingi Tuuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero Vll.

The rahui was supported by all of the river Iwi and put in place during Alert Level 3. It covered the entire lengths of both rivers and for Waikato river it began from the headwaters at Waikato Iti to the mouth at Port Waikato.

The rahui was put in place to allow the wellbeing and spirit of the rivers and waterways to regenerate and rejuvenate. Kiingitanga spokesman Rahui Papa says “the rahui also took away the temptation for people of the Waikato region to break their bubbles and increase recreational activity outside their whaanau.”

There has been a call by the waka ama, canoeing, fishing and other recreational user communities of our rivers to reengage with the wai (water) as a means to reconnect and heal as we all begin the return to our new-normal.

Rahui agrees, he says “we have had a robust discussion with our King and his technical advisors and he is confident that we can now return to our use of our awa”.

We continue to urge all our whaanau and our water user communities in the Waikato to observe the highest levels of safety as set our by the authorities during Alert Level 2.


For further enquiries please contact:

Rahui Papa

Kiingitanga spokesperson

021 122 2921