Low water in Town Reservoir

 Update at 1.40pm - Saturday 29 February 2020

Water restrictions can be lifted, our town reservoirs recovered to 67% full overnight, but still have a little way to go until they are back to normal operating levels.
Although there are no official restrictions on water use we still ask that you a mindful of how you use the water so that this precious resource is not wasted. With the very long summer we are having Council is continually monitoring water usage and may impose water restrictions at any time if demand is higher than we can maintain.
It is anticipated that we will be back to normal operating levels tonight.
Thank you to everyone that made the effort to save water yesterday and overnight it was very much appreciated.
If anyone has any questions please contact the Council on 07 873 4000 24/7.



Update  at 5.37pm Friday 27 February 2020

 A large water leak was located on Domain Drive and Council staff have completed the repairs.

 The town reservoirs are slowly recovering but are only 37% full and will take the rest of the day and night to fully recover.

 We ask that everyone in town continues to restrict water use so the reservoirs can have the best chance to recover overnight.

 Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as council works to restore the towns water back to normal.

 If anyone has any queries please contact council 07 873 4000 24/7