Otewa Road Improvements

Council’s contractor, Inframax Construction, will soon be starting minor safety improvement work and traffic calming measures around Otewa School. The work involves the installation of new signs, road marking, delineation and vegetation control between the intersection of Otewa Road and Tahaia Road, and is part of Council’s Rural School Roadside Improvement Project.


Concerns from local residents has prompted Council to investigate several reported accidents involving vehicles losing control around the right hand bend before the school. While eye witnesses noted that excessive speed was the causal factor in the accidents, Council’s Engineering staff have identified a number of other risk factors, including complex road geometry, which may have also contributed to the accidents. This unusual problem has called for an innovative solution.  

 IMG 20190712 110635

It is hoped that the traffic calming measures, which include rumble strips, will moderate behaviour so that motorists reduce their speed and stay within the lanes. Council expect the new signs and road markings will better define the road alignment, and provide additional visual cues so that motorists naturally drive at an appropriate speed and to the conditions. At the end of the day, we want everyone to make it home safety.


We appreciate the support of the landowners, school and the community in supporting Council’s efforts to improve road safety in this District.