Brett Park Reserve pipe work

As you may have noticed, we have had a contractor doing some work alongside the Kiwiana Playground. Here is an update from our Roading Team on what they are doing:  

The storm water pipe construction work has progressed to the Brett Park Reserve side of the State Highway. The Contractor will be working inside the Reserve area with some heavy machinery, yet keep well away from the actual playground equipment. Once the pipe connection is made, the Contractor will close up the excavation and make good the area. Visitors and users of the Reserve area are requested to observe the Health and Safety signage and be mindful of the machinery. The works to install the storm water pipe will be over soon and the main Contractor, Inframax, will then plan the lowering of the road under the railway bridge to commence in the new construction season.


The storm water is being taken from under the bridge to the open drain at the Riding for the Disabled stables. By lowering the road the level under the bridge will be too low for the storm water to flow into the existing storm water system that flows into the Huiputea Lake. A pipe has to be installed from under the bridge, under the State Highway and along Clarke Street to discharge into the open drain under gravity. Some of the existing stormwater will still flow into the existing system that discharges to Huiputea Lake and Inframax will install those pipes and sumps in the main contract.