Assisted Census Location

The Ōtorohanga Library is an Assisted Census Location – what does that mean?

Anyone wanting assistance can come to the library (with their access code or forms) for assistance.  That could just be internet access on their own device or one of ours.  Or it could be a staff member sitting with the person helping them to fill in the form on paper or online.

You can get face-to-face support to complete your census forms at community places and events throughout Aotearoa New Zealand, or online.

Trained staff at these places and events can:

  • answer your questions about the census
  • provide you internet access and a device to complete your forms online
  • help you order paper forms
  • help you understand your census forms
  • support you to answer the questions in your census forms.

All staff at census support events and locations will treat your information and privacy with care and respect.


For more information about the census, please visit