Girl Guide Hall

Situated at: 13 Kakamutu Street, Ōtorohanga

Booking Process Below.


  1. Email [email protected], with dates, times and request for booking. (phone bookings will not be accepted)
  2. Council staff will confirm with you if the time/date requested is available.
  3. At the time of confirmation, Council staff will provide you with the relevant fees, security information and terms and conditions of the booking.
  4. Bookings will remain as "tentative" until the fees and bond have been paid.
  5. Once paid, Council staff will contact you to arrange a suitable time for providing access to the hall. 
  6. After  your booking, Council staff will check the hall to make sure it has been left in a clean and tidy condition. 


Rates are as per below:



Per Hour (within a 12hr Day)

Per Day (each 12hr period)



Casual User

  • Less than 12hrs in a calendar month




In advance

Refund only if cancelled 48hrs (business Hours) before booking

Regular User

  • More than 12hrs in a calendar month




In advance