Renaming of the Ōtorohanga Domain to the Ōtorohanga Lions Domain




A request has been received from the Ōtorohanga Lions Club to rename the Ōtorohanga Domain to the ‘Ōtorohanga Lion’s Domain’ in recognition of the work done in the community by the Lions Club, particularly in and around the Domain.

At a recent Lions Club meeting, it was discussed by the Club how they could get recognition for the work done in Ōtorohanga and the surrounding area for many decades. After looking at the projects that they had undertaken, it became apparent that a lot of them were around the Ōtorohanga Domain, and this lead to the idea to rename the domain.

These projects include:

  • In July 1975 the first working bee was held at the Caravan Park.
  • The Lions were instrumental in the building of the heated swimming pool.
  • Donations to the new cricket practice pitch and nets.
  • The Lions were heavily involved in the development of the mountain bike track and continue to support the maintenance of the track.
  • Lions have also made donations to the new St John Building and Beattie Home Dementia Centre.

A full copy of the report that was presented to the Ōtorohanga Community Board on 6 May can be found here.



Option 1: Rename the Ōtorohanga Domain the Ōtorohanga Lions Domain


  • The Ōtorohanga Lions Club are recognised for the work they have done in the community.
  • A renewed sense of commitment from the Lions Club to helping maintain the domain.
  • Community appreciation of the Domain, and hence, community support will be increased along with associated community enjoyment and care when using the domain.


  • Some members of the community may not be supportive of the idea which could generate a negative feeling against the Lions Club, and/or, Council.
  • The cost of the work means this money would not be available for other projects.


Option 2: Do not rename the Ōtorohanga Domain the Ōtorohanga Lions Domain


  • The funding requested for this project would be available for other projects.
  • The status-quo remains and there is no risk of ill-will being generated.
  • The Lions Club might be disappointed and this could impact on decisions they make around their involvement in community projects in the future.


  • An opportunity to acknowledge and support an organisation which has done so much for the Ōtorohanga Community is lost.
  • The opportunity to improve the public awareness and appreciation of the domain is lost.