Gambling Venue Policy Review 2017

Decision on Ōtorohanga District
Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy

Gambling Act 2003

1  Following a review of the Ōtorohanga District Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy, the council notified a statement of proposal seeking submissions on whether to retain the existing  ‘sinking lid policy’ or change the policy to allow new venues to operate Class 4 gaming machines.

Review of Gambling Venue Policy

2  The consultation process resulted in eight written submissions being received with five submitters advocating for additional venues and three submitters who supported the status quo.

3   Submissions were heard on 18 April with five of the submitters taking the opportunity to present their case to a full meeting of the Ōtorohanga District Council. Councillors decided to postpone making their final decision until the next meeting on 16 May 2017.

4  The decision reached at the meeting on 16 May was to confirm the existing ‘sinking lid policy’. The debate amongst Councillors was wide ranging , considering all the available options  and canvasing  variety of viewpoints. The final decision was unanimous

5  If you wish to discuss any aspect of this decision you can contact Andrew Loe, Environmental Services Manager on 07 873 4000 or email to

Otorohanga District Council Class 4 Gambling Venue Policy 2010 [PDF, 217 KB]


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