Watermain renewal

Watermain renewal for Maniapoto Street, Ōtorohanga CBD

What’s happening?

Ōtorohanga District Council has awarded Camex Civil the contract to complete water main renewals, with work starting in Maniapoto Street in early August.  It will take up to a month to complete the work.

The completion of the new water main will ensure that we can meet the growing demand for our town and continue to provide uninterrupted water year-round.  Further, Waka Kotahi is scheduled to resurface this stretch of road in the coming year so we want to make sure we get our underground work done first.

Why are the works being done?

As the years go by, the ageing pipes need replacing and this time has come for the southbound lane pipes.  Although the project is temporarily disruptive, it is vital to the future development of our town.

Maniapoto has two watermain lines.  One line is under the northbound lane, with renewal completed in the 80s.  The other is under the southbound lane, which is this project’s focus.  These works were identified in the Long Term Plan 2021-31 (LTP) to be completed during this current LTP triennium. 

The water main will:

  • Ensure that, as demand for water grows, we can continue to provide an uninterrupted, high-quality water supply
  • Provide resilience in the event of a natural disaster
  • Allow us to maintain our assets without major disruption to the water supply.

Working with you…

We understand that construction for major projects such as the renewal of the Maniapoto water main can be disruptive at times for your business and customers, and we will be conscious of this while we are working in your area. We will work with you to minimise disruption where possible and will keep you informed about what’s happening. There will be clear signage and information for both pedestrians and road users.

We thank you for your understanding during these important works.  

Frequently asked questions

  • When is the work starting?
  • The contractors have said work will commence 29 August 2022


  • Will there be a one way system, traffic diverted down Turongo St and southbound trucks down Huiputea? 
  • No, there are no diversions down Turongo Street.


  • How will that work for the over 44 tonne vehicles that have to stay on the state highway?  
  • Trucks that are required to stay on the State highway will be allowed to. Vehicles will be advised to head down Huiputea Drive to avoid delays.


  • Does the council clear that with Waka Kotahi or is it a contractor responsibility?
  • There are only shoulder closures during the day and stop/go’s in place at night time. No road closures.

Last update 24 August 2022