Asset Management Plans

Ōtorohanga District Water Supply Asset Management Plan [PDF 5.02 MB]

Ōtorohanga District Council’s water supply networks, currently serve the Ōtorohanga and Kāwhia urban communities and the defined rural supply areas of Waipā, Tihiroa and Arohena. Council also administer a stock-water only rural scheme in the Ranginui area. 

This Water Supply Asset Management Plan (AMP) aligns with the 30-year Infrastructure Strategy, and is one of the supporting documents for the LTP, showing how Council proposes to:

  • Provide affordable, well-designed and maintained water infrastructure to enable economic growth for households, commerce and industry across Ōtorohanga.
  • Implement appropriate barriers as detailed in the approved Water Safety Plans against waterborne risks such as protozoa or coli to meet public health compliance requirements, through proactive upgrading of the rural and urban schemes.
  • Increase resilience against risks such as loss of supply, enable fire-fighting demand to be met with adding new hydrants where required for growth, and managing longer term climate change impacts on surface water takes, through building additional storage to provide at least 72 hours average daily demand, along with replacing asbestos cement water mains that have a high failure rate.

Ōtorohanga District Drainage (Wastewater & Stormwater) Asset Management Plan [PDF 1.79 MB]

Ōtorohanga District Council provides a reticulated wastewater system serving Ōtorohanga, and stormwater systems for the Ōtorohanga and Kāwhia urban areas.  This Asset Management Plan (AMP), aligns with the 2021-51 Infrastructure Strategy, and is a supporting document to the Long Term Plan for these Drainage Activities. 


This Asset Management Plan (AMP) includes:

  • The public portion of lateral wastewater pipes and wastewater from houses and businesses that lies within the roads.
  • Wastewater, (or sewer), mains reticulation and associated pumping stations between the township and the wastewater treatment plant.
  • The wastewater treatment plant and land-based disposal system along with associated discharge consents issued by the Waikato Regional Council.
  • Stormwater mains except for those pipes and drainage sumps included in the transportation AMP.
  • Stormwater pumping stations. The flood protection assets including stopbanks are included in Council’s asset register and administered under a service level agreement with the Waikato Regional Council. Depreciation is paid by the Regional Council.
  • Refer to the water services bylaw for definitions of the demarcation between council and private pipework.

Ōtorohanga District Land Transport Activity Management Plan [PDF 11.69 MB]

The Ōtorohanga District Land Transport Activity Management Plan sets out the direction for Ōtorohanga District Council’s transport system for the next 10 years.

It describes Council’s roading network, how it will be managed, and the basis for its chosen areas of focus. It also provides the reasons why this plan has been prepared and explains the work gone into developing it.

The plan includes outcomes and strategies, and covers all Council vested assets associated with transport services. It also acknowledges and incorporates the values and principles developed by the Road Efficiency Group (REG).

The purpose of the Activity Management Plan (AMP) is to ensure that Council’s land transport assets are operated and maintained in a sustainable and cost effective manner in order to provide the required level of service for both present and future users.

The AMP supports this by demonstrating responsible management and operation of the roading network; justifying funding requirements; complying with statutory requirements; and demonstrating clear linkage to community agreed outcomes and levels of service.

This plan will be used by Council’s roading team to ensure that the management, financial, engineering, and technical processes and procedures are delivered appropriately to its customers.