2022 Ōtorohanga Community Board Meetings

The Ōtorohanga Community Board meets in the District Council Chambers, 17 Maniapoto Street, Ōtorohanga, beginning at 4pm, unless otherwise advised.


Link to recording

Agenda [PDF 695 KB]   Minutes (confirmed) [PDF 243 KB]  
3/03/2022 Link to recording Agenda [PDF 9.5 MB]   Minutes (confirmed) [PDF 223 KB]  
7/04/2022 Link to recording Agenda [PDF 1.73 MB]   Minutes (confirmed) [PDF 268 KB]  
5/05/2022 Link to recording Agenda [PDF 1.3 MB]   Minutes (confirmed) [PDF 222 KB]  
3/06/2022 Link to recording Agenda [PDF 1.46 MB]   Minutes (unconfirmed) [PDF 223 KB]  
7/07/2022 Link to livestream Agenda [PDF 954 KB]   - This meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of quorum.
4/08/2022   -   -

This meeting has been cancelled due to a lack of business and a scheduled presentation on the Ōtorohanga town concept plan.

For more information on the plan, refer to: www.otodc.govt.nz/town-concept-plan

8/09/2022 Link to recording Agenda [PDF 905 KB]   Minutes (unconfirmed) [PDF 303 KB]  
4/10/2022 Link to livestream Agenda [PDF 438 KB]     This meeting is an extra-ordinary meeting to consider the updated draft Ōtorohanga town concept plan.