How to vote

Kāwhia By-Election

If you are enrolled to vote, your voting documents will be delivered to your mailbox from 26 January 2023.

Your voting pack will include a candidate profile book, personalised voting papers, freepost return envelope, and instructions on how to complete your voting papers.

Once you have filled in your voting papers, put them in the freepost envelope and do one of the following:

  1. Post your voting papers back by Tuesday 21 February 
  2. Drop off your voting papers at our office Customer Service Center, 17 Maniapoto Street, Ōtorohanga 

Votes must be received by the Electoral Officer by the close of voting at midday Friday 24 February 2023 (extended under section 73 of the Local Electoral Act 2001)

Posting your voting papers

You can post your voting papers at any NZ Post box using the freepost envelope provided.

Put your voting papers in the post by Tuesday 21 February to make sure it arrives in time to be counted.


Special Voting

You will need to cast a special vote if:

  • you have not enrolled to vote by 25 January 2023 but you qualify as ratepayer elector
  • you do not receive your voting papers, or you receive your papers but they are damaged or spoiled.
  • you are going to be overseas during the election period
  • you are on the unpublished roll

You can either pick up your special voting pack from our office, 17 Maniapoto Street, Ōtorohanga or we can post it to you. The completed voting papers must be returned to the Electoral Officer in the envelope supplied.

Please call our Customer Service Team on 07 873 4000 if you need any further information.