Local Easter Sunday Policy Review - consultation now closed





The Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 (the Act) was amended in 2016 to enable Councils to decide whether retailers in their districts could open their shops on Easter Sunday. Previously the Act only allowed shops selling certain types of goods (for example dairies, service stations and garden centres) to remain open on Easter Sunday.


In February 2017 Council adopted a Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy (the Policy) to allow shops to trade on Easter Sunday throughout the district. The Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 requires that a policy review be conducted five years after the adoption of the Policy. A review of the Policy must be conducted in accordance with the special consultative procedure of the Local Government Act.


The purpose of the Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy is to enable shops to trade on Easter Sunday if they wish to.


ŌDC has an existing policy which allows trading on Easter Sunday throughout the entire Otorohanga District which is now due for review and for public consultation. Council is recommending that the policy continue without change, maintaining the status quo by allowing shops to open on Easter Sunday across the district.

ŌDC recognizes the importance of the retail sector to the district, particularly during peak holiday periods such as Easter. It is important that not only our local community has a choice to shop on Easter Sunday, but that retail businesses in our urban areas and along our state highways can benefit from the trade visitors and passing traffic bring to the District.

Council is also mindful of the views of workers' rights bodies and faith-based organisations who believe that increasing retail activity on Easter Sunday takes away personal rights and privileges and places an obligation to work on their members. The fact that some Districts, including some large metros do not have a Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy shows that the concept of allowing more shops to open has not been universally adopted.

This consultation is an opportunity for the community to have their say on the policy review. We would like to hear from you as to whether:

  • you would like to continue to see all shops in the district being allowed to open on Easter Sunday if they so choose, or
  • if you agree with having a policy which allows shops to open on Easter Sunday, but only in certain areas of the district, or
  • you would like the Policy to be revoked, meaning only shops with an exemption under the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 are allowed to open on Easter Sunday.



 When considering making comment on this policy review submitters need to be aware that the Act states that a Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy cannot:

  • Permit shops to open only for some purposes, or
  • Permit only some types of shops to open, or
  • Specify times at which shops may or may not open, or
  • Include any other conditions as to the circumstances in which shops in the

            area may open, or

  • Override shop trading provisions in other legislation, such as alcohol licensing



In reviewing this Policy, Council must use the Special Consultative Procedure set out in section 83 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Anyone can make a submission on the review of the Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy 2017 and we encourage you to tell us your views. A submission form is included with this Statement of Proposal.

Copies of the Statement of Proposal are available on Otorohanga District Council website www.otodc.govt.nz, or alternatively, hard copies are available from the Council Office, 17 Maniapoto St, Otorohanga. For any queries, please phone 07 873 4000.

When you complete the submission form, email or write to us, please indicate if you wish to speak at the hearing, and we will send you more details closer to the time.

Submissions on the review will be received from Friday 19 May 2023 up to 5.00pm Friday 23 June 2023.


Submissions may be submitted to Council in the following manner – post, hand delivery or email.

Details of each of these methods are as follows:


Email: [email protected]


Post: Local Easter Sunday Trading Policy

          Ōtorohanga District Council

          PO Box 11

          Otorohanga 3940


Hand Delivery: Ōtorohanga District Council

                          17 Maniapoto St


Key Dates




19 May 2023

Submissions Open

23 June 2023

Submissions Close

18 July 2023

Council Hearing of Submissions


Council Deliberations and Decision on Review of Policy