Waipa river (riparian) planting through Ōtorohanga township

In 2018 we talked with our community about building the stopbank pathway, and with your support it’s been a huge success and a great asset for our people.  You told us how important the river, the stopbanks and the surrounding areas are to you all and we made a promise that we’d keep talking with you if we planned anything new - so here it is!

Our Ōtorohanga Community Board has been working with Nehenehenui Regional Management Committee, Waikato Regional Council, Waipa Rerenoa and Waikato River Authority to develop a river planting plan for some of the township areas.

Before we finalise the details of the plan we want to make sure you’re on the waka with us and support the proposal.  The planting will occur in two areas, Areas A and B, with Area A proposed to commence planting in June 2022.

As indicated by the below map [JPG 1.96 MB] - Area A runs from opposite the Tennis Club on Rangipare Street, down river to the NZMCA Park off Waipa Esplande.  Area B which is proposed for June 2023 runs from just below the Weir on Phillips Ave, down river to near Reg Brett Reserve.  Both riparian planting areas will be 10m wide and will run true right of the river (town side).

We would like to invite feedback from you on this proposal, you have until 4pm Friday 26 November 2021 to tell us what you think.

The feedback form can be found here.