Sport and Active Recreation Plan

The consultation period closed on 31 October 2019. Find out what was decided here [PDF 537 KB]



On 20 August 2019 the Otorohanga District Sport and Active Recreation Plan (the plan) was adopted by council members as a DRAFT. It was agreed that the draft would go back out to the people who had been involved in its development directly and be available for other community members to provide feedback online for a month. We have also provided a short three page summary document  [PDF 179 KB][PDF, 179 KB]for those of you who would like to know what it’s about but might not have time to read the whole plan.

The plan will then go back to council to be adopted as a final document.


The Plan is designed to provide direction for future investment and focus for both the Otorohanga District Council, Sport Waikato and providers of sport and active recreation services, programs and infrastructure in the district. It seeks to identify opportunities for partner organisations, that provide community services in the district, to contribute to sport and active recreation outcomes. Guidance is based on feedback from Otorohanga and Kawhia sport and recreation providers, Sport New Zealand, sector data and demographic information.

Please have a read through the Otorohanga District Sport and Active Recreation Plan [PDF 1.69 MB] [PDF, 1.7 MB] and provide feedback. You can do this through the online platform here:



The opportunity to provide feedback will close on: Thursday 31st October 2019

Thank you very much for your time.