Consultations & Feedback

Share your voice on issues and projects that affect you

What are we currently asking for feedback on?

Head to our Connecting Ōtorohanga page to find out, this will take you through to all of our current projects.

We currently have a number of exciting projects happening, you can find out more about these here

Current projects include -

Economic Wellbeing Strategy 

Ōtorohanga Multipurpose Community Hub

Long Term Plan 2024 - 2034

Rural Concept Plan

Kāwhia, Aotea and Ōpārau Concept Plan

Ōtorohanga Town Concept Plan

Why do we ask for feedback?

It's important local people have input into local projects so we can make sure our community assets are still working well for the people who use them.

What happens with our feedback?

Your feedback will help with final decisions about policies and projects.

Closed Consultations