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Otorohanga Town Water Flush Programme - 22 & 23 August 2018

The Otorohanga District Council water mains require a flush clean.  Flushing is scheduled to take place between Wednesday 22 August and Thursday 23 August 2018.  Flushing consists of opening fire hydrants at intervals allowing water to scour the internal walls of the pipe and removing sediment.  Flushing may cause a brief period of dirty water, and it is recommended that you:


  • Run outside taps until the water runs clear, approx five minutes
  • Avoid running inside taps especially hot water as this can allow dirty water to enter the hot water cylinder
  • Flushing outside taps assists in clearing the entire water network.


We apologise for any inconvenience the flushing programme may cause.


If you have any queries or concerns please ring Ricardo Tubilla on 873 4000.



Review of Representation Arrangements for the 2019 Local Elections

On 26th June 2018 the Otorohanga District Council reviewed its representation arrangements, and resolved that the following proposal apply for the Council and its community boards for the elections to be held on 12 October 2019.

Council Representation

The Council will comprise seven (7) members elected from five wards, and the Mayor.

The names of the wards and the number of members to be elected by the Electors of each ward are:

Ward                                      Members

Kawhia / Tihiroa Ward          2

Kiokio / Korakonui Ward      1 

Otorohanga Ward                  2

Waipa Ward                           1

Wharepuhunga Ward             1

Community Board Representation

It is proposed that two community boards will be elected.  The two community boards will be:

Community Board                                  Members

Kawhia Community Board                       Four elected Members and one appointed Member.       

Otorohanga Community Board                Four elected Members and two appointed Members.

The Kawhia Community Board will be subdivided for electoral purposes.  The two subdivisions reflect the following communities of interest:

Subdivision                            Members

Aotea                                      1

Kawhia                                   3


Submissions on the proposal were invited. As no submissions were received in respect of the proposal it became the basis of election for the Otorohanga District Council for the elections to be held on 12 October 2019.

Any queries regarding the Council’s decision should be directed to the Council’s Corporate Services Manager Graham Bunn on 07 873 4374


Public Notification calling for Applications to Lease Land for Purpose of Community Medical Hub

Pursuant to Sections 9 and 17 of the Public Bodies Leases Act 1969, public notice is hereby given calling for applications to Lease that part of the land situated at 13-15 Kakamutu Road, Otorohanga being approximately 2500m2 being part of the land contained in Certificate of Title 837546 classified as Local Purpose (Community Facilities) Reserve for the provision of a Community Medical Hub to meet the future medical needs of the Otorohanga District.  The Lease term for the land will be for 33 years with the rental set at $8250.00 per annum.


Any person wanting to submit an application must do so in writing, to the Chief Executive by 12 noon Friday, 17 August 2018, at the office of the Council, 17 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga.  Where more than one application is made, Council as the leasing authority shall determine which applicant is the most suitable applicant for the land, and shall proceed with leasing the land to that person.


For more information please contact Trish Ambury, Council’s Land Management Officer, phone DDI

07 873 4341 or email trish@otodc.govt.nz


2018/2019 Dog Control Fees


Pursuant to the provisions of the Dog Control Act 1996, public notice is hereby given that the fees for the registration and control of dogs for the year commencing 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 are due and payable from 1July 2018.  All dogs must be registered before 1 August 2018.


The following fees are prescribed and apply to all dogs over the age of three months:


1.         Dog Registration and Control Fees

Urban Dogs


Urban Dogs - Neutered


Urban Dogs - Special Owner Scheme


Urban Dogs - Neutered and Special Owner Scheme 


Rural Dogs


Rural Dogs - Special Owner Scheme 



2.         An additional late registration fee of 50% of the fee that would have been payable on dogs which must be registered before 1 August 2018.

3.         A registration tag will be supplied for each dog on registration.

All fees include Goods and Services Tax.

Dog owners are encouraged to register their dogs before 1 August 2018.  In addition to a late registration fee, failure to register any dog may also result in the issue of an Infringement Notice, which carries a fine of $300, and disqualification from the Special Owner Scheme.

Registrations may be paid at the Council Offices, Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga or by posting the fees to the Otorohanga District Council, P O Box 11, Otorohanga.


Happy Valley Milk Public Meeting

Invitation to a Public Meeting relating to the Happy Valley Milk Ltd Proposal, Otorohanga.

When:              Thursday 31 May 2018 at 6pm for 6.15pm

Where:            Otorohanga Club

Purpose:         To provide an update on the HVM proposal and a forum for discussion.

Independent Facilitator: Marlene Oliver.

The decision of the Independent Hearing Commissioners for the Otorohanga District Council granted consent for the construction and operation of a dairy factory facility to be located at 5 Redlands Road, Otorohanga.

HVM is now preparing to seek further consents from the Waikato Regional Council.

The Company is holding the public meeting to provide an update on the proposal.

This is an open public meeting and anyone with an interest is welcome to attend. Light refreshments will be available.

Please RSVP by Thursday 24 May 2018 by email localcommunity@happyvalleymilk.co.nz if you will be coming to the public meeting so I can confirm the catering requirements to be served at 6pm.

If you have any particular topics or questions you wish to raise, then please include these in your reply so that we can arrange for the relevant people to be present at the meeting to provide either an answer, or alternatively further context on the matters you’ve raised.

The team from Happy Valley Milk looks forward to meeting with you at the public meeting.


Yours sincerely,


Kim Johnstone.

Executive Assistant to Directors, Happy Valley Milk Limited.

Directors: Randolph van der Burgh I David McCann


Rate Rebate Reminder

If you are a low income earner and are the legal rate payer for your property you may be eligible for a rates rebate of up to $620.00.To confirm that you are entitled to a rates rebate please contact our Customer Services Team on (07) 873 4000, or click here for more information


Safe Speed Camera

Recently, a new safe speed camera was installed on State Highway 3 Otorohanga Road, just before Roberts Road heading north. The camera is not operating at the moment but will be switched on once the testing phase is complete. A full list of the new safe speed camera sites can be found at http://www.police.govt.nz/…/speed-limits…/safe-speed-cameras


Rating Information Database


The Rating Information Database is available for inspection at the office of the Council during normal Office hours.

The Rating Information Database records all information required by a local authority for setting and assessing rates on properties within their district. For each rating property this includes its valuation and any categories that belong to that property that are used to charge separate targeted rates.

This database does not include the name of the ratepayer nor any address other than the physical street address of the property.  Owners’ names and addresses are available for inspection unless Council has received a written request for them to be suppressed.


A form is available from the Council office in Otorohanga, or here [PDF, 39 KB], for any owners’ who wish to suppress their names and/or addresses. The completed and signed forms can be returned to the office, emailed to info@otodc.govt.nz or posted to Otorohanga District Council, P O Box 11, Otorohanga.


Returned Service Association

Wednesday 25 April 2018

The public are invited to attend the following ANZAC Day Services, and family of deceased RSA members are invited to join in the parades.

OTOROHANGA DAWN SERVICE  - assemble at the Combined World War 1 and 2 Memorials at 6.00am

OTOROHANGA CIVIC PARADE – a parade will form up on the Otorohanga Reserve (Village Green ) at  10.00am and march to the combined World War 1 and 2 Memorials where a short service will be held and wreaths laid.

Organisations and the public are invited to lay wreaths on the Memorials.

In the case of inclement weather the service will be held at the Otorohanga Club, 107 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga.

KAWHIA CIVIC PARADE – assemble at the Kawhia Community Centre, Jervois Street, Kawhia at 1.00pm.


Public Notification of Proposal to Grant Lease of Otorohanga Motor Camp

Pursuant to Section 54 (2) of the Reserves Act 1977, public notice is hereby given of Council’s proposal to grant a lease of that part of the Otorohanga Domain containing the Otorohanga Motor Camp, formerly operating as Camp Kiwi, to Ms Tasha Smith for a term of 3 years with a further 2 year right of renewal.

Any person objecting to, or wishing to make a submission in respect of the proposal, is called upon to lodge notice of their objection (and grounds thereof) or submission in writing, to the Chief Executive by Friday 4 May 2018, at the office of the Council, 17 Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga.


Cheap Dog Registration & Microchipping - $30

We’re offering $57 OFF dog registration and microchipping if your dog hasn’t been registered before!

Thursday 29 March

Council Pound on Otewa Road

12 noon to 2pm

Friday 6 April

Kawhia Wharf

12 noon to 2pm


This is only for dogs being registered for the first time.

If your dog is already microchipped, registration will only be $15.



Flushing Taps

The water provided by Council supplies may very slowly dissolve the metal of household pipes and plumbing fittings.  This a very natural process, but one which can result in heavy metals such as copper being present in the water if it lies in the pipes or fittings for a long period.


It is therefore recommended that before using water for food preparation or drinking, taps should be run for two or three seconds to flush out any water that is so affected.


Stepping into the (new) light


Otorohanga District Council has awarded a contract to The Lines Company of Te Kuiti for the installation of LED street lighting across the district.   The existing 446 street lights will be replaced with the new technology Light Emitting Diode (LED) streetlights between December 2017 and March 2018.  At the same time 53 additional new lights will be installed in some locations currently without lighting such as sections of Huiputea Drive and Wahanui Crescent.


The reduced power costs to operate the LED lights which use less than 40% than the current streetlights, and the reduced maintenance for greatly improved light technology generate significant savings to Council and the full cost of the new lights is repaid in savings within ten years.  As an added advantage funding support of 85% of the $368,500 construction cost from Central Government made the decision to move to LED lighting a simple one. 


The newer lights have proven in other parts of the world to be much more reliable that the old style bulb lights and will operate for much longer periods before bulbs need to be replaced, so the new lights wont fail as often leaving pedestrians in the dark less often.


Light bulbs will continue to be replaced from now until the installation work starts, but any old lighting units or equipment which fails will not be repaired, waiting instead until the unit is replaced with a new LED unit.