Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy


1.1 The purpose of the Local Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy (“the Policy”) is to enable shops to trade on Easter Sunday if they wish to. The Policy neither requires shops to open, or individuals to shop on Easter Sunday.


2.1 This Policy is made under Part 2 (subpart 1) of the Shop Trading Hours Act 1990 (“the Act”) which provides Council with the ability to establish a local policy to permit shops to open on Easter Sunday.


3.1 This Policy applies to the entire Otorohanga District (refer to Schedule 1 for a map [PDF, 782 KB] of the Otorohanga District).

3.2 This Policy does not:

a) Control the types of shops that may open, or their opening hours,

b) Limit Council’s ability to undertake its duties, powers or functions under any other Act,

c) Apply to the sale and supply of alcohol which is regulated under the

Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012, or

d) Address shop employee rights, which are governed by the requirements of the Act.

3.3  Council is not responsible for the enforcement of this Policy. Enforcement is undertaken by the central government department that is responsible for the administration of the Act.


4.1 Shop means a building, place, or part of a building or place, where goods are kept, sold, or offered for sale, by retail; and includes an auction mart, and a barrow, stall, or other subdivision of a market; but does not include –

a) A private home where the owner or occupier’s effects are being sold (by auction or otherwise), or

b) A building or place where the only business carried on is that of selling by auction agricultural products, pastoral products, and livestock, or any of them, or

c)  A building or place where the only business carried on is that of selling goods to people who are dealers, and buy the goods to sell them again.

4.2 Goods includes all personal chattels other than alcohol (within the meaning of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012), money, and things in action.


5.1 Any shop is permitted to open on Easter Sunday throughout the Otorohanga District.

Policy adopted and in effect 21 February 2017