RM180097 - 128 lot subvision

Otorohanga District Council has received an application from NKC Developments Ltd for resource consent as described below:


Consent Type:

Discretionary Activity Land Use Consent

Discretionary Activity Subdivision Consent


Proposed Activities:

1. To undertake subdivision for the purpose of creating 128 new residential lots and the associated vesting of reserves and roads over four stages with a consent duration of nine years.

2. To undertake earthworks over an area of 9.9 hectares including 73,000m3 of cut, 91,000m3 of fill and associated reduced levels of up to 8.0m in height and fill areas up to 4.6 metres in depth.

3. A request to concurrently exchange existing recreation reserve land for other land under Section 15AA(1)(a)(i) of the Reserves Act 1977 (conjointly with the application for subdivision consent).


Activity Location:

The land concerned with the application is located at 36, 40 – 42 Harper Avenue, Otorohanga and is comprised in 2 existing certificates of title legally described as:

• Lot 2 DP 342000 (CFR: 172275)

• Lot 36 DPS 7771 (CFR: SA50B/826)



Any person may make a submission on the application, but a person who is a trade competitor of the applicant may do so only if that person is directly affected by an effect of the activity to

which the application relates that –

(a) Adversely affects the environment; and

(b) Does not relate to trade competition or the effects of trade competition


You may make a submission by sending a written or electronic submission to Otorohanga District Council at PO Box 11, Otorohanga 3940 attn: Andrew Loe, or to the following email address:  planner@otodc.govt.nz.

Submissions must be in accordance with the requirements of Form 13 of the Resource Management (Forms, Fees and Procedure) Regulations 2003. This form is available here [PDF, 411 KB]or can be obtained from the Otorohanga District Council.


Submissions close at 5pm on Monday, December 17, 2018. Any submissions received after this date may not be received by the Otorohanga District Council

You must also serve a copy of your submission on the applicant whose address for service is:


NKC Developments Limited

C/- Eclipse Group Limited

P.O Box 5164

Wellesley Street


Attn: Cath Heppelthwaite