Proposed Amendment of Traffic Bylaw 2005

Proposed Amendment of Traffic Bylaw 2005

Summary of Information

There have in recent times been continuing complaints regarding vehicles parking for long periods of time in the central areas of both Otorohanga and Kawhia. These issues are not new, particularly in Kawhia, where parking has been a topic of contention for more than 10 years.

Previous attempts to address these issues by various informal means have been unsuccessful, and it is now believed that the only effective means of addressing this issue is likely to be a combination of increasing parking time restrictions on the affected areas, and enforcement of those restrictions.

The proposed amendment to the Traffic Bylaw 2005 will extend parking time restrictions to the full lengths of Jervois and Omimiti Streets in Kawhia, introduce three additional ‘5 minute’ parking places on Maniapoto Street in Otorohanga and strengthen the provisions of the Bylaw in respect of enabling enforcement those restrictions.

A more detailed Statement of Proposal, including a copy of the proposed amended Bylaw and associated information, is available from Council on request.

Submissions in respect of the making of the proposed amended Bylawmust be made in writing, and should be addressed to:

The Chief Executive

Otorohanga District Council

PO Box 11



Or emailed to


Submissions can be made from 20 September 2018 and must be received by Council by 9.00am on Monday 22 October 2018. Persons who wish to speak to their written submissions should state this in their submission, and will be given the opportunity to be heard by Council at its meeting of 23 October 2018.