Myrtle Rust Update

Earlier in the year Biosecurity New Zealand (part of MPI) changed its approach to myrtle rust to one where they manage the disease over the long term.

However, they are still asking communities like ours to be on the look-out for myrtle rust and report any possible cases to the biosecurity hotline – 0800 80 99 66. This will help Biosecurity New Zealand track the spread and the impact of the disease.

While Biosecurity New Zealand has scaled back the field operations, it is now focusing on researching the development of new management approaches, and supporting land owners and communities to minimise the impacts of myrtle rust.

Research is vital to help understand and limit the impact of myrtle rust on our myrtle plants. Biosecurity New Zealand is investing significantly in research that aims to increase understanding of myrtle rust and its impact on the economic, environmental, social and cultural values of New Zealand.

More information about Biosecurity New Zealand’s approach to myrtle rust and what you need to know as a land or plant owner, is available on the Biosecurity New Zealand website: