2018/2019 Dog Control Fees

Pursuant to the provisions of the Dog Control Act 1996, public notice is hereby given that the fees for the registration and control of dogs for the year commencing 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 are due and payable from 1July 2018.  All dogs must be registered before 1 August 2018.


The following fees are prescribed and apply to all dogs over the age of three months:


1.         Dog Registration and Control Fees

Urban Dogs


Urban Dogs - Neutered


Urban Dogs - Special Owner Scheme


Urban Dogs - Neutered and Special Owner Scheme 


Rural Dogs


Rural Dogs - Special Owner Scheme 



2.         An additional late registration fee of 50% of the fee that would have been payable on dogs which must be registered before 1 August 2018.

3.         A registration tag will be supplied for each dog on registration.

All fees include Goods and Services Tax.

Dog owners are encouraged to register their dogs before 1 August 2018.  In addition to a late registration fee, failure to register any dog may also result in the issue of an Infringement Notice, which carries a fine of $300, and disqualification from the Special Owner Scheme.

Registrations may be paid at the Council Offices, Maniapoto Street, Otorohanga or by posting the fees to the Otorohanga District Council, P O Box 11, Otorohanga.